Attempted Child Abduction Reported in Country Club Acres in Lake Charles May 23, 2019

Attempted Child Abduction Reported in Country Club Acres in Lake Charles

An attempted child abduction in Lake Charles in Country Club Acres was recently shared on social media.

Michelle F. posted the following:

“Summer time is upon us and the traffickers are already scouting. Country Club Acres this afternoon experienced first hand. Small boy riding his bike, a pickup truck following the child with two white men. A neighbor heard cries for help while another neighbor in his yard ran to the road to see the two men chasing the young boy. Thank God this man got to the child first. They would have pulled him in the truck and been off with him. CPSO HAS BEEN THERE FOR 2 HRS. DO NOT allow your smaller children to play out in your yard alone.”

Another post that appears to be about the same incident indicated that the homeowners association is scheduling the installation of cameras at the entrance of the neighborhood.

“Someone in our neighborhood posted this this today. Very scary!! Watch your kiddos carefully.

This happened this morning in country club acres:

“Today, mid-morning an attempted kidnapping happened in my neighborhood. A seven year old boy was riding his bike down my street and 2 white males approached him in a pick up truck. Thankfully, he had enough sense to run away screaming for help. They chased after the boy and were seen by a neighbor who stepped in and began yelling at the suspects. The suspects drove away before the adult neighbor could get a photo of license plate on the truck. The police were called and a report was filled out with as much info as possible.
Y’all, we live in a very nice and safe neighborhood. As we speak, our HOA is schedulIng an installation of cameras at the entrance of our neighborhood. If it can happen here, it can happen in your own neighborhoods. PLEASE, PLEASE keep your babies close.”


Report any suspicious activity to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office at (337) 491-3600 or the Lake Charles Police Department at (337) 491-1311 or dial 911 for emergencies.