An Alternative Source for Weather Alerts and More

When a severe storm is headed in your direction you want to know about it ahead of time. Some people tune in to the local TV and radio stations, but many times a weather radio is the most reliable way to get alerts of severe weather.

On April 3, 2018, a storm passed through Southwest Louisiana and alerts were issued on television. For some reason, the local National Weather Service radio system did not sound the alert on weather radios though. Posts on social media indicated that many people were only hearing static on their radios, rather than the usual weather information broadcast.

A local resident posted a list of alternative weather alert sources but had not tested any of them.

I went through the list, tested a few of them and the free one that I have found the easiest to use with the most features is called “in-telligent”.

Get Alerts Both Android and iOS

The app works on both iOS and Android and the company says that they are the nation’s leading provider of emergency, urgent and time-sensitive communications. They also mentioned that they are the only private communications platform that can send an audible notification that overrides the user’s smartphone silent and do not disturb settings. Something that’s important in severe weather situations.

When you first install the app, it will automatically sign you up for a few communities base on your location. The communities I was automatically signed up for were: USGS Earthquake Alerts for Louisiana and Texas, Louisiana and Texas Live Storm Chasers, NOAA Louisiana Weather, and Severe Weather Warnings I don’t think I’ll be receiving too many alerts from the USGS Earthquake groups, but you can remove yourself from any of the communities if you don’t want alerts from them. I also added SW Louisiana Tornado Alley Chasers and Spotters to the communities I’m in. There was an option for lightening alerts as well. Users are also able to create their own alert communities, so you can make your own for your family or friends.

You are also able to turn alerts on or off for specific communities and set a timer to completely silence the app for up to 12 hours.

Select the image titles below to take a look at some screenshots from the app. You can find download links for both Android and iOS versions below the images.


Communities Screen Image

Communities Notifications Settings Scree Image

Total Silence Timer Screen Image

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